4 Ways to Keep Small Business Customers Happy

1. Keep in Constant Communication
During the entire service process, you must keep in constant contact mainly to ensure that everything is going as planned and that issues can be resolved as soon as possible.

Not only are you ensuring that your customer’s expectations of your business are being met, said expectations of which you previously defined, but also making your customer feel valued.

You can implement a guarantee program, too. It can be as simple as verbally assuring your customers of your concern for their satisfaction and posting signage of your process, thus, setting the stage for defining clear expectations, too.

The lines of communication need to be simple to follow and this is why investing in a 1300 number for your business is so crucial. 1300 numbers make it easy for customers to make contact with you and display a professional business image.

2. Make Your Website More Interactive
If you have yet to provide a website for your customers, then it is high time that you do so. Otherwise, you are missing out on selling opportunities for your present and prospective customers! But if you already have a website, then making it more interactive where your customers are concerned is a step in the right direction of making them happy with your business. You can use methods like:

  • Forums where visitors can ask questions, receive answers and share opinions from your staff as well as from their fellow visitors.
  • Live chats that allow your customers to connect with your courteous and competent customer service representatives, sales representatives or support personnel immediately.
  • E-newsletters providing the latest updates, useful information, and relevant tips for your customers.

3. Differentiate Your Business
Why provide for similar levels of customer service and work for similar levels of customer satisfaction when you can go above and beyond the industry standard? Be the trailblazer in both aspects and, in so doing, make your customers feel like valued partners in the business!

Your main goal: Outshine the competition so that their customers will come flocking to your doors to enjoy your brand of customer service and satisfaction.

4. Focus on Excellent Customer Service
In all of the above-mentioned ways to keep your customers happy, the emphasis on most ways has been on customer service and for good reasons, too. Keep your customers happy and they will be your best advocates, your staunchest champions, and your most loyal supporters in your business growth.

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Being Safe Means Being Smart

Good health means good finances. People that stay healthy are not only happier but spend less time in hospitals and have less catastrophic loss. Know your risks and prepare for them accordingly.


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Steps to Become a CPA

Education is just the first of many steps for achieving your accounting certification. This infographic tells you the rest of the story, from school to landing your first job as a professional.

CPA Certification Process (1)

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Understanding Self Managed Superannuation Funds

Self Managed Super Funds are become a more popular investment vehicle these days, and are less scary than they sound.  In fact, they can be a perfect solution for those looking to take control of their financial future.  Here are the high level points about things you should know about SMSFs and how they may suit your investment portfolio.


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We All Should Thank Google

... on New Jersey Car Insurance Auto Insurance Life Home Owners QuotesGoogle has drastically changed all of our lives in one fashion or another. They influence the businesses around them to competitive heights, forcing them to try and adapt to Google’s constantly changing business model as they reach out into all sectors of our lives. Google’s search engine has given the web a face and a name that is familiar and their data base has become extensive and impressive, allowing us to find nearly anything that we’re looking for; even something as something as mundane as cheap auto insurance. For years I have been following Google’s skyrocketing success and they have become so massive that it is hard to put the scope of it to any kind of rational scale.

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Young Couples Start off with a Clean Slate Financially

Most the time, when young people get married and start a life together, they are starting with a clean slate financially. It is likely that they do not have a lot of or any debt. They are in a position where they can be very successful financially or where they can bring themselves into financial ruin.

No matter if a couple has bought their own house or if they live in a small apartment, it is a good idea to try to save money. They can do this in small ways, like by using a bed bath and beyond coupon or coupons for other things.

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Mining Opportunities in South America

There has been a huge push for mining in South America. Many companies are investing and doing well in that investment. Succeeding in such a venture takes nerves of steel, resources and an understanding of the market. Finding someone, like Peter Merrone, to lead such a venture requires a dedicated search for someone with a varied background in finance, capital ventures and business. The selected individual also needs to be able to talk with local and national governments, rally a strong team, and navigate a fluid environment. But when you have all the right elements, the profit potential is through the roof. Your investors and shareholders will be very, very happy.

Nerves of Steel

Mining is not a game of immediate gratification. It takes lots of work, lots of dedication and unshakeable belief that it will be perfect in the end. Hiring experienced people that understand the industry, the culture and the nuances of finding, developing and exploring the mining possibilities will give you the best chance.  Believe in it and work toward its potential. Once you have the best possible team on the ground (or in the ground), let the success come to you.  Do not let the losses and obstacles stand get your down.


Resources can be many different things.  It can refer the people, tools, equipment, machinery or anything used to keep the mine operating and making money. It is worth investing not only in the resources needed, but also in safety and organizational needs to keep things in good shape. It is imperative that you have the right tools and gear for each job for each person in the mine. Each individual success leads to success for the whole mine, which leads to profit for the board and the investors.

Understanding the Market

Once the mine is up and running, it takes smart leadership to do everything necessary within the market to make the most out of what the mine is producing. This is where finding the right leader, with the background, makes all the difference in navigating the market waters and distributing the product in the most profitable way. There are different methods and opportunities that only an experienced business leader will know and understand. He or she can manipulate the situation and posture the company to take advantage of potential opportunities in a fluid and ever-changing environment.

Make It Happen

There is no limit to the success possible in the mining industry. Peter Merrone, among others, are at the forefront of great companies. They put together the right team of people and resources, understand the market and work hard with local governments to operate safe facilities. As shareholders and investors, mining remains an ideal investing point, with the high risk paying off in even higher rewards.  By capitalizing on its demand and need across the globe, you can see how the results of mining drive other industries, ventures and companies to further success as well. Maintain a commitment to the venture, see it through and see how your success rivals others in a similar situation.

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Investing: Income Statement Format and Income Statement Example

Income StatementWealth is something that is earned through a lot of sacrifice and hard work. Many people are therefore concerned on how they can protect their finances so that it does not go to the wrong hands. Also, such individuals want to be assisted in making the right decisions financially for future prosperity. For these reason, Wealth management firms have been created to help such individuals.

These are companies established with the aim of advising people on ways of investing their wealth so that it can bring them maximum benefit. They do offer advice on investment portfolio management, financial planning and other financial services. By doing this, they save a lot of individuals from chances of bankruptcy which arise from investing in the wrong place. Many people would think that these services are for the wealthy individuals in the society. This is not completely true as a business person just starting out can seek investment advice and financial services that would go a long way in benefiting the person.

What these firms actually do is suggest the best places for clients to invest at that particular moment. There are those firms which make investments of behalf of a client and also manage their portfolios. These are exceptional companies and they do this at the request of the client. There are certain tools used by these companies which really assist when planning for investment. Such tools can be; property management, stocks, stock trading, structured investment among other tools.

In financial planning, aim is to ensure the best possible financial future for the client. thus the tools utilized are; real estate planning, asset management, personal banking, legal resources among other resources. Therefore with these elements, the planners are able to strategize on investment while looking at the risk of making a certain decision.

Predicting the economy is almost impossible. Therefore, what these management institutions do is examine the risks involved in any kind of investment like stock market or real estate and the future income that will be generated from such a venture. They also help people in determining their monetary objectives.

The firms also do offer services to help people manage their private wealth. This wealth includes that which a person has inherited. Not only do such properties have high monetary values, but individuals do have a lot of personal attachment. For this reason, such people cannot let just any one handle their property and finances, but they will seek the services of renowned management companies. Therefore, these management firms will assist in managing private wealth through advice on estate planning, the use of trust or a business succession and many other services as requested by the client.

Best investment firms ensure provision of efficient and effective services to clients by hiring highly qualified  and experienced staff. These wealth managers are usually holders of MBAs, certified financial advisers or certified financial planners. These people are usually aware of trending issues in the economy, market and finances and thus one is assured of better services.

Using such institutions to manage wealth is beneficial in very many ways. First an individual is able to reduce on taxes. This is because such institutions do assist a person in planning taxes in a way that will ensure the individual pays the least amount of tax as possible. The other benefit is that an individual is able to increase return on taxes. Using the tools mentioned above, they ensure that the individual invests in the right places and this eventually brings returns adding to the asset a person has.

Proper management also enables people to achieve their financial goals. A management plan that will be created for the client will enable the person clearly see the goals and objectives of a particular investment. Through this, the individual will set measures to be used in achieving such goals. One must however review the strategies frequently to ensure that current financial measures taken reflect the future goal.

From the information above, it is clear that wealth management firms give individuals a direction towards achieving their future goals which is prosperity. This is by proper investment advice and financial planning. A person is thus able to have the peace of mind that whatever area one has invested, it will be able to bring back returns.


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Reasons for Engaging Wealth Management Firms

wealth managgementWealth management is the process involving financial planning and choosing proper investment opportunities. As much as you work hard to make your money it is very important to manage it effectively by good financial management and create sustainability through making the right investment choices. Wealth management firms if well chosen can offer you appropriate financial planning. As much as it is a desire of many to create wealth, choosing the right wealth management firms can be a daunting task. You need to do a proper research and if necessary engage the services of a professional financial advisor.

As much as it is not easy to choose a wealth management firm deciding on one is very important. Find here some of the reasons why you should engage wealth management firms.

Wealth management firms are financial institutions that offer advice to help you invest your wealth profitably with much considerations of your return on investment. Due to their wide exposure in the market, these firms will offer you various suggestions on the suitable places to maximize on your investments.

Besides advising and offering you suggestions, these firms on your behalf make investments and manage your portfolio depending on how you want them to. This will particularly save you on time and also make your investments safe. Since most firms give guaranteed investment returns.

These firms are exposed to the financial market and are able to help you plan your finances well. This is attributed to the fact that wealth management companies’ work involves trading on the stock market, structured investments, mutual funds, equities and many other financial offerings.

How to choose the best investment firms

Finding the best investment firm(s) can be very challenging; particularly in a market that offers various sized firms with varied investment options. Therefore it suffices for you to know how to decide on the best investment firms. Here are some suggestions that might be too costly to overlook.

Credibility: Your hard earned money will only be safe when placed in the right hands. You need to do a credibility check of the investment firms through the investment regulatory bodies. You also need to go through their registration details, i.e. certificates of registration and the requisite approval documentations and proof of existence. You can also determine this by analyzing their portfolio and testimonials of their existing customers.

Stability: Your money or investment will be safe only if you invest in a firm that is stable. A firm’s stability can be measured by their financial health, the investment firm’s asset base, their customer base and experience in the market. It is most likely that if an investment firm is young and new in the market, though not always the case, that they are lacking in experience of market dynamics and can easily collapse.

Value and investment options: irrespective of the size of the investment firm you choose you need to get maximum value for your investment. Therefore you analyze the investment options that the firms are offering the investment firm vis-à-vis the cost implications. Some investment firms will want to woo investors with unrealistic investment returns. In such cases you will also need to weigh on whether the investment options are offering realistic returns or not; you can determine this with the help of your trusted investment advisor or financial planner.

Professionalism and support: You can also determine the best investment firms by how well they are able to listen to your investment goals and give you proper guidance. Investment firms that offer support in terms of advising to their customers are more credible and reliable since they tend to value their customers. On the other hand the investment firm needs to conduct their affairs professionally, those firms with employees working on commissions are likely to sell to you what will earn them more commission without considering your needs.

In summary, when thinking of managing your wealth you can decide on the option of wealth management firms since these are financial institutions that offer advice on where and how to invest; the firms also help you make investment on various financial options and manage your portfolio. In connection to that it is also important to consider the credibility and stability of an investment firm while you also consider the value and their investment options.

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A Guide into Investment Trends from the Jim Cramer Stock Picks Perspective

The stock market is always volatile with so many factors within as well as without the sector affecting the trends of things in the market. This often makes it a constant mind game between the investors and the market influencing factors as everyone tries to make the most profitable move. There is always the intricate balancing act of determining when it is right to buy a stock as well as the right selling time. Jim Cramer stock picks perspective however focuses mainly on long term stocks for dividends.

It is important to understand that there are stock market traders who buy into shares that have great growth potential for speculative purposes. As soon as the stock rises in value, the sell out for a quick profit and move on to another green one. This trends work but for investors who are not afraid to make frequent changes and who can manage to track the market trends and make accurate judgment on possible future trends.

Choosing Between Lump Some Gains and Long Term Passive Income in Stock Trading

stock perspectiveAccording to Jim who has been a leading hedge fund manager, it is more sensible to take your time to identify steady stocks that have a long time potential of growth rather than spend your money buying and selling stocks with unpredictable futures. The energy sector is one major sector that Jim seems to be fond of. This is mainly because there is always a growing demand for energy and related utilities.

Before you decide to invest into any shares, you need to dig into the history of the company so that you can know how they have been performing. You should always try to invest in stocks that have been able to give dividends consistently. Without looking at the history of the company and its dividend trends, you may spend your money only to end up sharing loses that the company will be making in the future.

The Importance of Passive Income in Stock Investment

Many people in their senior years are in retirement and are often too weak to engage in active administration of enterprises or to remain in gainful employment. This leaves them with investing in opportunities that can provide passive income as the only viable option. Relying on pension schemes alone may not be sufficient considering the rapid rise in the cost of leaving.

With inflation occasionally heating very high rates, what may have been enough money five years ago could suddenly become insufficient depending on the inflation rate as well as the rise in the cost of living. The only situation that certainly works is investing in stocks that will guarantee you some regular income in terms of dividends. It is nonetheless advisable to pick your stocks carefully because you could also make losses if you invest in the wrong shares.

Some High Performing Cramer Stock Picks To Look Out For

As earlier stated, the energy sector is one promising area that many people invest in for long term gains. Studies have indicated that stocks that have going interests in the energy and gas markets have a good performance worth looking out for. While political as well as economic trends tend to affect other sectors, the energy sector is one that displays exemplary performance even during recessions or high inflation.

The ETP also known as energy transfer partners is one stock listed in the NYSE that has shown resilience regardless of the changes in times. With many interests in the exploration, transportation and processing of energy related products; it has been growing ever since its inception decades back. During all this time, it has been consistent in giving out dividends to its investors and the trend seems to point towards even more positive things to come.

The main reason is because there seems to be a constant demand for energy as long as life has to continue. With a company that is constantly exploring new deposits and exploiting any opportunities for growth within the industry, it is very easy keep growing even when other regular stocks get affected by political and social events.

Another major pick is conocophillips which is another stock that is largely interested in natural gas and energy explorations. A number of investors interested in making some passive income have benefited from this stock for a number of years. The good news is that they still show growth potential with the companies under this umbrella still prospecting for new gas resources that will certainly improve their earning potential.

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